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alone, together (pre-order)

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Pre-orders are $10 off and will receive an 8×10 signed luster print from the book, a downloadable full resolution image from the book, and a copy of the e-book once it becomes available.

  • 8.5″ x 5.5″
  • 41 pages
  • 30 photographs
  • 10 poems
  • Fine art paper
  • Softcover
  • Perfect Bound
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I put everything I have into this. My soul is on these pages. I created everything for this project myself, by hand. So when you hold this book in your hands, you’ll know that I labored over every single page. It came directly from me – to you.

The images in the book represent my perception of the energy that surrounds the people I have encountered in my life. The colors, streaks and blurred lines surrounding my subjects represent the things we can’t physically see or touch in people, but we feel it as soon as they walk into the room.

With the poems, I wrote about themes include anxiety, family relationships, romantic relationships, loss, and friendship. Many of the poems were written the night that the photos were taken after the subject left my studio. A few poems are a bit more complex/personal from my own experiences.

The book should be ready by November 2019. Pre-orders are greatly appreciated, but not at all necessary.

Thank you.



alone, together is completely photographed, written, designed, printed, bound and published by me (Jake Wangner) at my studio in Dallas, TX. 


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