Jake Wangner’s Portfolio

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Scroll to see videos that I scripted, shot, edited, and made the motion graphics for.

MVC Family News was imagined by Jill Lain, and scripted by David and Alice. I would film and edit the video. Typically the first draft would be complete the same day that the footage was shot. We released them every week, so working quickly and efficiently was a necessity.

The two graduation videos above show how I can re-purpose footage from one event and use it again later on for a new purpose. We do this often at Mountain View.

“Since the Fall of 1970” was scripted in collaboration with Jill Lain, Alice Rios and David Fallavollita.

Here is my most recent scripted video. I wrote the script at the start of the pandemic and it was used with students across all of the campuses. However, in this video, I did not create the graphics. That was done by Jose Carreon.

Below are videos that I worked on in collaboration with Dallas College social media team members.

Other recent projects I have worked on include the Dual Credit Student Celebration Event video, the 2020 Virtual Graduation videos, the new anniversary card video, and other various video projects for external and internal use.