2010 was my first payday. I took photos and made a video of a graduation at an alternative high school. I sold DVDs to the parents and made enough money to believe that visual arts could be my career at the age of 14.

Since then I’ve traveled a few different paths and had many amazing opportunities to work on creatively fulfilling and award-winning projects.

Today I am based in Texas. I’m focused on creating books that are inspired by my interactions with people and nature. I am also working on commissions for album artwork and other fun projects. Many of my photos are available for licensing and have been licensed by some of the largest publications in the world, such as Cosmopolitan Magazine.

My gear

Hive Lighting
Hornet 200-C Super Spot
Hornet 200-CX1
Wasp 100-C
Bumblebee 25-C

Film Cameras
Nikon F2
Rolleiflex SL66
Fuji GW690ii
Mamiya RB67

Film Developing Equipment
full kit here:

Canon Pro-100
Canon Pro-2000
(best source for Pro-2000 ink)
Hahnemuhle FineArt Paper
Red River Paper
Dahle paper trimmer