The latest fine art book from Jake Wangner: As You Are

A meticulously crafted limited edition hardcover photography book with 248 pages and over 200 previously unreleased images. It contains six thoughtfully divided chapters, where the fusion of poetry and photography paints a rich monochromatic image of the human experience, unveiling relatable, intriguing, and emotional narratives.

This book is tailored for collectors seeking bold and exclusive works. Proudly showcase its limited edition status (printed on the cover of every copy) on your shelf. Don’t miss out sign up now to ensure you secure your copy of As You Are when it is released.

available right now

A Premium Photography Book


A collection of 98 photographs shot on film that explore the parallels between humans and nature. Only 9 photos from the collection have been posted online. The remaining 89 photos are exclusive to those who own the book.

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